Healthy Raw Propolis by Bee Baltic
Natural Raw Propolis by Bee Baltic
Raw Propolis by Bee Baltic
Raw Propolis on a Table by Bee Baltic
Raw Propolis on a Table by Bee Baltic
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Raw Propolis

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Since ancient times Baltic Elders were using Raw Propolis as a general natural antibiotic. It is a pure substance kindly produced by our bees from tree buds and resin. Propolis is well known for its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory healing properties. Baltic folk medicine uses Propolis for infections, virus, flu, wounds, burns, ulcers and many more uses.

Baltic bees roam wild meadows and woodlands which ensure that the bees are happy and healthy! From our hives to your home, we take the utmost care to share with you our pure, wildcrafted and sustainably sourced Propolis. Our family of devoted beekeepers guarantees that our Propolis is 100% natural and retains all of its natural healing properties.

A box contains 30g of Raw Propolis.

Health benefits:

Raw Propolis, like other bee products, has been used in medicine for many years. It is considered to be one of the most effective natural substances that greatly kills not only bacteria but also viruses. Unlike the use of synthetic drugs and antibiotics, bacteria and viruses do not acquire resistance to bee propolis, so its effectiveness is very high. In addition, it kills fungi and strengthens immunity, so it is recommended for use in disease prevention.

Propolis successfully overcomes stomach and intestinal ailments. And it also provides excellent protection against constipation. In addition, excellent results have been achieved in the treatment of inflammation of organs of the urinary system (e.g., kidneys and bladder) and infectious diseases. This powerful bee product is the enemy of ageing. Scientific researches have shown that our bodies age through harmful oxidation processes that can be stopped by antioxidants of which propolis is rich in. Traditional medicine has proven that Propolis also helps to overcome many skin diseases, especially abscesses, acne, shingles, is suitable for treating ulcers, minor burns (including sunburns), cuts, abrasions, other wounds, scabs and warts.


Store in a cool, dry place. You can also try to DYI bee propolis tincture at home. Add some propolis to a glass container and pour over a high percentage spirit (at least 70%). Keep for a couple of weeks, and every now and then shake your glass container, to mix the contents. After two weeks, filter contents through a clean cheesecloth. Apply your own made propolis tincture to scars, warts, or any other needed health issues.

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Raw propolis
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Buckwheat honey

Once again great taste for your Buckwheat honey. 👍😊

Best Honey in Cold Weather

It really is the Best Honey during the cold season. Taste is really good and even better with Ginger and Cinnamon. I wish there are more other types of raw honey (such as Dandelion, Kiawe, Ikaria etc.) available on this site.

Acquired taste

Different from your normal golden coloured honey both in taste and looks. It definitely has an acquired taste. It might not be for everybody, very deep, rich with an earthy aftertaste. I personally like it, I feel it would be good as a glaze rather than in my herbal teas

Beautiful honey

Lovely tasting honey. Perfectly balanced with sweet and creamy notes. Similar to Manuka honey in texture and taste. If you want manuka honey without the expensive price, this is the honey for too.

Favourite honey

Love buckwheat honey. This is just the right consistency and colour. Keep recommending it to people