Foster a Bee Colony

Raw honey discounts through bee colony fostering program. Buy raw honey subscription, get monthly honey supply at a discount and keep bees remotely to get updates from your hive.

Bees are one of the key pollinators on the planet Earth. Pollinators help to grow healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. For example, a recent study conducted for Jonagored and Dabinett apple types found that insect pollination differentially increased the yield and economic profit of both cultivars, contributing to 93% of Jonagored apple market value and 46% of Dabinett apple market value, equating to over €800,000 per year to their combined production in Ireland. It was also found that honeybees, bumblebees, solitary bees, and hoverflies all hugely contribute to the pollination of apples. The results of the study suggest that honeybees and bumblebees are the most important pollinators of Jonagored apples, while honeybees contribute the most to Dabinett apples pollination. 

Despite the importance of honeybee, the bee population decreases every year by 30%. The main reasons for the decline are:

  • Deforestation of bees' natural habitats.
  • Spread of bee diseases and illnesses.
  • Heavy use of pesticides that are fatal to the bees.

For this reason, we decided to introduce a bee fostering opportunity that helps to sustain honey bee populations.

How does the bee fostering work?

  1. Order any type of 1kg honey with a monthly subscription.
  2. You will receive a certificate of being a foster parent of a bee colony.
  3. We send you the honey and information about your hive every month.
  4. We plant a nectar-rich plant for every bee fostering subscription.

What's inn for you?

  • Karma points for helping the bees!
  • You are going to receive a 1kg jar of selected raw honey from the Baltic meadows and forests on a monthly basis with our honey subscription at a discounted price.
  • After subscribing for our honey, you will receive a certificate of being a foster parent of a bee colony.
  • Every month we are going to send you an update from your hive by email.
  • We are going to send you a personal one time 15% discount code to shop at our online shop.

PRESS HERE and subscribe now to become a foster parent of our bee colony!

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Nutrient Dense and tastes incredible


Honeycomb tastes amazing. But I ordered the item of Friday and paid for 24 hour delivery yet the product arrived on the following wednesday, i sent an email to the business and they said that they don’t deliver over weekends which is acceptable so i accepted it on monday. I wrote a follow up email when it didn’t arrive but i didn’t receive an email back.

Delicious as always. Love the raw honey from Bee Baltic

Raw Wildflower Honey 350g
Miss Nicola Martin
Delicious natural raw honey

This honey has a lovely flavour, good with toast, tea etc or cooking. Very pleased - delicious.

Raw Wildflower Honey 350g
Justin Routledge

Best honey I have ever tasted