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Bee Bread by Bee Baltic
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Raw Bee Bread

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Raw Bee Bread is fermented bee pollen from various flowers of all seasons. Bee bread is a superfood which has even more nutritional benefits than bee pollen. The fermentation process of pollen enriches the bee bread with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein, increasing their bioavailability. It has a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, accompanied by a zesty after note.

Bee bread is 100% natural, unprocessed and straight from the hive. Bee bread is made by bees. Bees bring the pollen from the flowers into the honeycomb cells and they mix it in with honey. After the honeycomb cell is full, bees cap it with beeswax. Throughout the whole season, bee pollen ferments in the hive and becomes bee bread. Fermentation brakes proteins into amino acids, forming lactic acid and vitamin K. Due to fermentation, our bodies easily absorb more nutrients and effectively digest the bee bread. Furthermore, it contains a load of micro-elements like iron, phosphorus, cobalt, calcium, potassium and selenium. Bee bread ranks high in the chart of superfoods because of the amount of B-group vitamins and amino acids.

We harvest it during the winter preparation by removing the unnecessary brood frames. This way we ensure that the bees are happy. Bees use bee bread to get strong after wintertime. It is also used as insulation during the wintertime. In the same sense, we may use it to boost our energy levels and restore the immune system.

Bee bread is an enzymatically active superfood containing around 70% pollen and 30% honey. There might be traces of bee propolis. A teaspoon of bee bread a day keeps a doctor away!  


Bee bread is perfect to sprinkle over salad or morning porridge. Moreover, it goes well blended with smoothies. You can also let it dissolve in your tea or coffee.


Recommended to have in the morning. Store in a cool, dry place. 

Customer Reviews

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Bee Bread

I have been consuming your Buckwheat honey for over a year now (amazing stuff!)...I decided to try your Bee Bread based on the good reviews and wanting to add another "superfood" into my diet. I add a teaspoon to my morning granola and just love the taste and texture. In fact, I look forward to my breakfast so much at the moment to have my bee bread! Whether or not I am feeling any benefits so far (been using for about 3 weeks) is hard to say - I recently lost my father suddenly so have been grieving, struggling with sleep and generally an emotional mess. What I would say is that I reckon I would be in a far worse place if it wasn't for the daily bee bread and buckwheat honey alongside many other healthy habits I follow which together all give me a boost and support my overall immunity, keeping me strong. Thank you Bee Baltic for your fabulous products.

Buckwheat honey

It is the tastier honey I tried. Love the taste,colour and health benefits. I will recommend to anyone, who wants a little healthy energy for winter and the whole year. Thank you.

Bee Bread

First time of trying it love the taste .

Wonderful honey and bee bread

Delighted with the products , and delivery service.


I have been using the product for a few days and am finding the Raw Bee Bread a good addition to my health regime.

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Quality products

The honey is lovely and thick. The lip salve is very moisturising and the ointment also feels very nice on the skin. Will be buying again for the price.

Amazing taste

Amazing taste it goes very well with lemon,I deffinaly buy again

Unique taste

This is the real deal. The taste grows on you and now can't get enough of it. I absolutely love the taste and highly recommend. Also great delivery.

Great Tasting Honey

My Favorite one, really tasty honey. Goof customer service and very fast delivery + great packaging.

Smell amazing

I will eventually use these but enjoying the smell in my living room. I think beeswax is one of my favourite scents ever