Health Immunity Bundle with Propolis Spray, Bee Bread & Raw Heather Honeyby Bee Baltic

Bee Immune - Health Support Bundle

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A perfect gift from nature for your loved ones, the Bee Immune Health Support Bundle is a bomb of immunity and energy in one convenient package. Nature's gift from our hives to your home, Bee Immune includes Raw Bee Bread, Raw Heather Honey, and Propolis Spray. Give your health a treat with this amazing antibacterial selection. Consider this powerful combination of bee products a spa for your immunity system!

Bee Immune bundle consists of:

  1. Raw Bee Bread (150g) is an enzymatically active superfood containing around 70% pollen and 30% honey. Bee bread is a fermented mixture of plant pollen, honey and bee saliva that is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antibiotics, enzymes, and many other essential elements for the body. As the saying goes, “a teaspoon of bee bread a day keeps a doctor away!” 
  2. Raw Heather Honey (350g) is a true gem of the Baltic region with rich amber colour and bitter-sweet notes. Heather Honey is fortified with loads of amino acids and microelements that help to support our health. In addition, its aromatic tones are highly valued.
  3. Propolis Spray (30ml) is a water-based extract of propolis with honey for hygienic oral care. Contains no ethyl alcohol! Safe for adults and children alike, this uses propolis spray daily to protect your immune system from unwanted bacteria or tackle sore throat.

Our harvesting processes allow our raw honey varieties to retain all of the natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral healing properties your body deserves. Whether it's for everyday use or as a special gift, the Bee Immune Health Support Bundle is ideal for anyone looking to add a sweet and nutritious treat into their life!

At Bee Baltic, our family of devoted beekeepers use ethical practices to kindly harvest honey and beeswax produced by our bees. From our hives to your home, we take great pride in providing our clients with pure, wildcrafted, and sustainably sourced raw honey. From candles and food wraps to healing balms, organic honey, and moisturising soaps, we can turn your ideas into reality. A true nature’s blessing, our organic raw honey is 100% natural and unfiltered so it retains all of its healthy properties. Whether it's for everyday use or as a special gift, Bee Baltic products are perfect for everyone! 

Includes 150g Bee bread, 350g Raw Heather Honey, and 30ml of Propolis Spray


FOR HONEY - Store your honey in a cool, dry place. Keep in mind, it’s a natural characteristic of raw honey to set (crystallise). Should crystallisation occur, gently warm the jar in hot water. Recommended to have in the morning. 

FOR BEE BREAD - Raw Bee Bread is perfect to sprinkle over salad or morning porridge. It’s even a perfect addition to your smoothies. You can also let it dissolve in your tea or coffee. Store your bee bread in a cool, dry place.

FOR PROPOLIS - Store in a cool, dry place. You can also make your own bee propolis tincture at home! Simply add some propolis to a glass container and pour over a high percentage spirit (at least 70%). Store it for a couple of weeks, shaking every now and then to mix the contents. After two weeks, filter the contents through a clean cheesecloth. It’s that easy. Apply your own made propolis tincture to scars, warts, or use it to treat many other health concerns.

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Health support bundle.

Good value bundle. Had run out of bee bread, a daily intake, and seeing this bundle included my second favourite (heather honey) and propolis spray (something I had previously but had given to my daughter as a guard against Covid in her capacity as a nurse) I could not resist. Great products, excellent packaging and swift delivery. I always recommend Beebaltic to many of the customers I serve in the supermarket.

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Raw Linden Honey
Richard J.
Great, Natural Honey

I have been buying various types of honey from Bee Baltic for around a year now. It's by far the best honey I've ever had.


Gorgeous taste, yummy on toast, in hot drinks and with stewed fruit. The whole family is hooked. Linden honey is now my favourite. Quality is perfect.

Beeswax Tea Lights
Jessica Jeffery
Great candles

I love these candles. It was my first time using them and i am very impressed.

Raw Rapeseed Honey
Robert Kent
Rapeseed Honey

Another delicious Honey from Bee Baltic

Raw Buckwheat Honey
Marco Albertelli

This is the one that I prefer - strong and pleasant flavour, top end on whole grain bread