Bee Propolis: The Health Benefits and How to Use It

When it comes to natural remedies, you would be hard-pressed to find a substance as versatile and potent as propolis - a mixture used by honeybees to protect their hives from invaders. Apart from keeping nature intact thanks to their immense pollination efforts, the little miracle workers have figured out how to make a concoction that acts as an incredibly potent anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-cancer, and immune booster. 

This has been long known by our ancestors. For thousands of years, ancient cultures used propolis as a staple in their medicinal practices. In the Baltic region, it was regarded as a miraculous medicine. Its effectiveness in treating viral diseases used to be common knowledge, passed down by generations. Amongst other applications, Egyptians used to embalm mummies with this substance, the renowned Greek physician Hippocrates hailed it as a cure for ulcers, and Roman mythology considered it a divinely inspired healing agent. The recent upsurge of natural remedies has brought propolis back into the spotlight, and it is well deserved. After all, it is not just popular in folk medicine. The pharmaceutical industry has been using the substance extensively to aid patients with a wide variety of conditions. 

So What is Propolis Exactly? 

Propolis is a sticky mixture composed of mostly tree resin and sometimes beeswax or pollen. Elder honeybees collect it, mix it with their saliva and then use it as a coating to protect their hives from pathogens, unwanted invaders, and harsh winds. It helps to create a sterile environment to hatch eggs in, keeps out harmful parasites, and seal gaps so that intense weather conditions do not wreck the inside of the hive. When bees pass over the sticky mixture, bacteria get trapped and killed so they do not get the chance to infect the entire colony. If a rodent ever attacks the hive, bees will sting it to death and then embalm the body with propolis to ensure it does not rot.

Propolis spray and tincture and lip balm by Bee Baltic

The Health Benefits of Propolis

According to researchers, there are over 300 compounds in propolis. While it contains a plethora of important nutrients, the major health benefits come from its flavonoids. These will effectively block the formations of prostaglandins, which cause fever, pains, and gum disease. They also help increase the production of interferon in white blood cells. This compound is instrumental in cancer treatment, and it greatly raises one’s resistance to infections. 

On top of that, propolis contains high levels of serotonin and histamine. The combination of these compounds is known to be very effective in curing allergies. That is achieved by blocking the acids which break into the cells to cause allergic reactions. Overall, the potent anti-fungal and antiviral properties of propolis are known to be excellent in treating cold soreshealing wounds, helping fight various forms of cancer, and overall strengthening the immune system.

How to Use Propolis 

For issues such as mouth ulcers and sore throats, it is recommended to suck on a small piece of propolis on a daily basis. Topical ailments like infections, cold or sore throat can be soothed with a propolis spray, by applying it directly to the affected area on the skin. If you are after a general immune boost, then simply add five drops of a propolis extract to your beverage of choice, and drink it several times a day.

Bee Baltic Honey

At Bee Baltic, we take pride in delivering pure, raw organic honey to our customers around the world. Our organic honey is unpasteurised and unfiltered so it retains all its delicious and healthy nutritional properties. When you combine our raw honey with cinnamon, it can help to boost your weight loss results.

Whether it's for everyday use and health benefits, or as a special gift, there is a perfect jar of Bee Baltic raw honey for everyone!


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Raw Bee Bread

I became interested in this product because of the health benefits but have never tried it before. I wasn't sure how I would consume it since I don't eat the types of foods others seem to eat it with i.e yoghurt, porridge etc. However I just popped it in my mouth directly from the jar & found it to be an unusual texture, but pleasant enough to chew raw. I haven't used the product long enough yet to comment on the health benefits.


I've only used this product for a short time but I like it a lot. It wears well, doesn't have a nasty taste, smooth consistency and is long lasting. I wear it all the time now, and it is stable enough to wear under lipstick as a moisturiser.

A good buy

I usually buy rolled beeswax candles as I couldn't find this type of solid, long, pillar candles. So far the candle has burned evenly, looks like it will last long and I like the design.

Raw Linden Honey

A really unique flavour, I add a small teaspoon to my porridge each day with some Bee Bread, excellent to keep you are your best in these challenging times.

Bee Bread

I find bead bread much easier to digest than pure pollen and use everyday in my porridge with some raw honey, Linden at present. A real superfood and great for these winter months.