A gift box with bee pollen and bee bread by bee baltic.
Bee Baltic immunity gift box.
Bee Bread and Bee Pollen by Bee Baltic
Bee Bread by Bee Baltic
Bee Pollen by Bee Baltic
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Immunity Gift Box - Bee Bread & Bee Pollen

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A perfect gift from nature for your loved ones. This is a bomb of immunity and energy. The gift box carries bee pollen and bee bread - both of our bee products that are an enzymatically active superfood and high in vitamins. Our bee products are 100% natural, unprocessed and straight from the hive.

Bee bread is an enzymatically active superfood containing around 70% pollen and 30% honey. It is made purely by bees in the hive through the fermentation process. There might be traces of bee propolis. A teaspoon of bee bread a day keeps a doctor away!  

Bee Pollen contains about 22 amino acids, 27 minerals, 18 vitamins (high in B-complex and B12 vitamins), 11 enzymes, 11 carbohydrates, and approximately 25% protein. It's rich in micro-elements like iron, zinc, phosphorus, cobalt, calcium, potassium and selenium.

Immunity Gift Box will help to increase the immune system and boost energy levels. The combination of Bee Bread and Bee Pollen is an amazing way to protect yourself from cold, flu or viral infections during the cold season of Winter.

Immunity booster gift box consists of:

  1. Raw Bee Pollen (160g)
  2. Raw Bee Bread (150g)


Bee pollen and Bee bread are perfect to sprinkle over salad or morning porridge. Moreover, they go well blended with smoothies. You can also dissolve them in your tea or coffee.


Start with 1 teaspoon per day and gradually increase, preferably in the morning due to energy-boosting effects. Not recommended for children under 12 months of age. Store in a cool, dry place.

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    Great Products!

    The honey is amazing! Love the new additions to the product line, and i am pretty much trying everything out. High quality stuff, nice eco friendly packaging and fast delivery. Highly recommended :)

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    453 reviews
    Lovely lip balm

    I have suffered with horrible cold sores for most of my life & they got worse since the Pandemic, especially as I have to wear a face mask for hours on end at work. 😷 I came across this propolis lip balm when making my regular purchase for your lovely linden honey, oh & am I so glad I did. 😁 I always use it before putting my mask on for work & again before bed & I can honestly say I have only had 1 cold sore since starting this regime (approx 1 year ago) & even that was no where near as bad as usual! I am so pleased I have finally found something that works! Thankyou Bees 🐝 & Thankyou Bee Baltic! Keep up the good work! 🐝 💕🐝 🥰

    Tapered Beeswax Candles
    Jeremy Tarling
    lovely candles

    proper beeswax not your coloured imitations, burn slowly with a nice light subtle odour, well made and prompt delivery

    Raw Heather Honey
    Robert Kent
    Great Honey

    Molasses rish taste. Delicious.

    Raw wildflower awesome honey

    Absolutely delicious,and such a lovely texture to this. I am trying to use this to naturally improve my hayfever symptoms,and I think there is some improvement already. Will definitely be buying it again.Amanda

    Raw Heather Honey
    Richard J.
    Amazing honey

    Tastes incredible, hard to believe it's also extremely good for you!