A gift box with bee pollen and bee bread by bee baltic.
Bee Baltic immunity gift box.
Bee Bread and Bee Pollen by Bee Baltic
Bee Bread by Bee Baltic
Bee Pollen by Bee Baltic
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Immunity Gift Box - Bee Bread & Bee Pollen

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A perfect gift from nature for your loved ones, the Immunity Gift Box is a bomb of immunity and energy. The Immunity Gift Box will help to increase your immune system and boost energy levels. The unique combination of nature’s superfoods, Bee Bread and Bee Pollen are an amazing way to protect yourself from cold, flu, or viral infections during the next cold and flu season. Nature's gift from our hives to your home, each Immunity Gift Box consists of Raw Bee Pollen (160g) and Raw Bee Bread (150g) in airtight sustainable glass jars

Bee Bread is an enzymatically active superfood containing around 70% pollen and 30% honey. A fermented mixture of plant pollen, honey and bee saliva bread that is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antibiotics, enzymes, and many other essential elements for the body. As the saying goes, “a teaspoon of bee bread a day keeps a doctor away!” 

Bee Pollen grains are a mixture of flower pollen, nectar, enzymes, honey and bee secretions tightly packed together by worker bees. The nutritional density of bee pollen varies greatly from pollen grain to pollen grain based solely on where the pollen grains came from and how they were harvested. However, bee pollen is a rich source of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, carbohydrates, and protein. 

Our harvesting processes allow our Raw Bee Bread and Raw Bee Pollen to retain all of the natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral healing properties your body deserves. Whether it's for everyday use or as a special gift, the Honey Selection is ideal for anyone looking to add a sweet and nutritious treat into their life! 

At Bee Baltic, our family of devoted beekeepers use ethical practices to kindly harvest honey and beeswax produced by our bees. From our hives to your home, we take great pride in providing our clients with pure, wildcrafted, and sustainably sourced raw honey. From candles and food wraps to healing balms, raw honey, and moisturising soaps, we can turn your ideas into reality. A true nature’s blessing, our unpasteurized honey and bee products are 100% natural and unfiltered so they retain all of their healthy properties. Whether it's for everyday use or as a special gift, Bee Baltic products are perfect for everyone! 

Immunity booster gift box consists of:

  1. Raw Bee Pollen (160g)
  2. Raw Bee Bread (150g)


Bee Pollen and Bee Bread are perfect to sprinkle over salad or morning porridge. They are also both great additions to your blended smoothie. You can also dissolve them in your tea or coffee.


Start with 1 teaspoon per day and gradually increase, preferably in the morning due to energy-boosting effects. Bee Bread and Bee Pollen are not recommended for children under 12 months of age. Store in a cool, dry place.

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    Great Products!

    The honey is amazing! Love the new additions to the product line, and i am pretty much trying everything out. High quality stuff, nice eco friendly packaging and fast delivery. Highly recommended :)

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    Bee Immune

    I live a very demanding life, putting my body and mind through a lot during a normal working week, I have always loved honey and thought, why not, give it a try.Have to say I am really impressed with the quality of this bundle which i started using at a time when I was feeling really run down, having tried other products from different suppliers before, none have come close. The raw honey is excellent and i combine with the teaspoon of the Bee Food in my porridge first thing in the morning and I feel so much better in myself. Love the propolis spray also, very powerful and effective, this bundle is going to become a staple for me from here on in. Excellent, you should try!

    Raspberry Tea
    Joanna Echaust
    Amazing tea

    This is the best raspberry tea I drank. Aroma and taste are so pure and refreshing that I could easily recognise that this product is fresh from woods. Love it and I wish you could do 50 g bags😊

    Deliciously soothing!

    Delicious honey with a lovely natural taste – it has crystallised a little in the jar which is of course a good sign, and I haven't heated it because I like the slight crunch! I don't wish to make any medicinal claims, and obviously this is just one person's subjective experience, but I had a nasty sore throat last night, with one tonsil that was swollen and sore enough to be giving me ear pain, too. I sipped a couple of cups of green tea, and slowly ate a shot glass of Forest Honey (the jar I happen to have open) and some bee bread. I'd merely hoped it would help to soothe the pain, but my throat is almost back to normal now. I'm not claiming any miracle cure, but definitely worth trying if you're under the weather.

    Raw Wildflower Honey
    Joanna Echaust
    Great taste

    Amazing ,real honey 🍯 good quality and smell,will buy more in the future.

    Raw Buckwheat Honey
    Ferdose Abdulrub

    One of our favourite honeys.